Photos On Canvas – The Digital Impact

Digital photography has revolutionized the way people take pictures. Digital cameras have become accessible to most individuals, and completely transformed the way people take pictures. Now it is possible to take hundreds of pictures at a particular event without having to change film, while also having the advantage being able to delete bad pictures immediately. When once blinking during a picture ruined it and proved embarrassing to the individual when the film finally got developed, now it is a simple mistaken that can be easily caught, laughed at, and forgotten while taking the picture again.Digital cameras and digital photography has become so popular that computer companies have developed software to allow people to edit their photographs more easily on their computer. Now everyone can alter their photographs and truly become master photographers. With the large amounts of people who are now able to take and create lovely photographs using their digital cameras. New technology has emerged to allow these people to show them off to their liking. Such technology has made it possible for people to print their digital photos on canvas, which they can then frame and place in their home or office.Like a work of art, these digital photos on canvas take digital photography to a new level. Like a painting, people can make their favorite pictures come alive and show them off with wonderful frames, just like in a museum. Placing digital photos on canvas add a different quality that cannot be found by printing digital photos graphs traditionally using regular paper and ink. The canvas and ink used when creating these high quality pictures, give the photo a more authentic quality, rich with high-quality, vibrant colors. The texture and surface of the canvas is also much nicer than traditional paper, and much more suitable than paper for hanging on the wall. Thus printing digital photos on canvas, as opposed to paper, is a good idea for anyone trying make an extra special photograph or memory, and extra special picture that can be enjoyed by all to its fullest potential.Printing digital photos on canvas is suitable for many different settings. Not only can a canvas serve as a great surface for a huge variety of pictures, but it can also add to a huge variety of places, as digital photos on canvas serve as great decoration for any room. With a more formal frame, canvas pictures can fit well in any upscale room, such as a dining room. But when fitted into a simpler frame, a digital photo on canvas can look great in a living room, office, or lobby. There is so much room for creativity and imagination with a canvas picture, as compared to a picture printed on simple paper, that make it much more versatile for any number of settings. Thus printing digital photos on canvas, when compared to paper, serves as a better option for almost any person or group trying to print out their pictures. Whether attempting to decorate or room, or simply having fun with the hobby of digital photography, putting your favorite pictures on canvas is always a good idea because they allow for more possibilities of visual expression.

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Board Games Evolution With ARMIS

I get it, chess is classic and original and mind-blowing whatsoever, you can actually go on ranting about how great it is for the rest of your life. However, modern people like you and me, love to innovate things to come up with something better. Chess has been around forever and it’s time for, let’s just say, a makeover. Introducing Armis, another strategy board game with an almost infinite number of winning probabilities than any other board game on the planet. Actually, it’s like a mash-up of Chess, Checker, Risk and Stratego.There are 18 pieces in the game namely: President, Vice President, Army, Aircraft Carrier, Submarine, Jet, Helicopter, Coast Guard, Reserve, Religion, Media, Child, Diplomat, Nuke and 2 Marines. Yes, you read me right, there is a Child on the game. These pieces have their respective duties and moves, and you have to move them accordingly to capture the opponent’s flag. A Vice President can take out a Diplomat but not a Nuke, a Diplomat can take out a Nuke but not a Reserve, a Nuke can take a Reserve, and this kind of rule goes on with the rest of the pieces. It’s really gonna rock your mind. Some of the pieces are dependent on others to be able to move, and there are also others whose lives are dependent on other pieces. The Submarine for example cannot move if a Mover does not take it to the coastal waters.The game also has special conditions. In the event of the President’s assassination for instance, the vice president can take over. Should there be no Vice President to take over, the flag is immobilized. If you capture your opponent’s Child, you will lose your Diplomat and Religion, and if your Reserve is next to the Flag during an attack, the Reserve will be sacrificed. There are more special conditions other than the ones mentioned which makes the game a lot more complicated than it already is.Aside from the game’s composition of 18 different pieces with individual capabilities, another thing that makes this game wildly crazy is that you get to set up the pieces (with the exception of the flag and the reserves) on the board the way you want them to be, giving you literally millions of ways to win and lose. Imagine? You’ll never get to experience the monotony of other board games with Armis. I actually played the game and I’d be honest with you, I enjoyed it a lot but it gave me a headache.

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Which Is a Better Option – Ready-To-Move-In or Under-Construction Property?

Are you planning to buy a property, but can’t make up your mind whether to invest in a ready-to-move-in or an under-construction property? You are not the only one. This is a very common question that every individual planning to buy a property considers.Both these alternatives have their own pros and cons. It is extremely important to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of each of them and then come to a decision on what to buy.In order to help you make the right choice, we have analyzed the pros and cons of both the property types.Advantages of ready-to-move-in over under-construction property
A ready-to-move-in property is immediately available for possession. You don’t have to wait long enough to own it. In the case of under-construction properties, there have always been delays in the delivery. This happens mainly because of land dispute and incomplete permissions from authorities. Hence, it is very important to check all the required permissions and land ownership details.

You can see every aspect of the property like the quality of construction, size of the property, the surrounding area, parking space, and all other amenities available and make a decision if the property is appropriate for you or not. You can check your neighbourhood; ask them your queries about water, electricity, maintenance and other amenities.This is not in the case in under-construction properties. You never get what you have been promised or what you have seen in the sample flat. Sample flats are furnished with modern amenities and specifications in such a way that you promptly say a ‘yes’ for it. But when you get the possession to your own house, you will realize that a lot of things are not up to the mark and not as per the promises made. The low quality of the construction material used, improper fittings of doors and windows, cheap electrical sockets and switches, and poor plumbing are some of the issues faced by buyers.

Since the property is already built, you can check the Occupancy Certificate, Completion Certificate and land titles, etc.
Advantages of under-construction property over ready-to-move-in
There are lots of under-construction properties available everywhere. This gives you the opportunity to pick and choose on the basis of the size, price, location, structure, floor level, etc.For ready-to-move-in property, you will have limited options and cannot select flats on the basis of floor level, view, structure etc.

An under-construction property is cheaper than an equivalent ready-to-move-in property. You can purchase it at a low price. But, once it is built, its price automatically rises up. This gives you price appreciation on your property and thus, gives you an option to sell it at a higher price in the future.In the case of ready-to-move-in property, there is a possibility that the price can be 25-50% more than any under-construction property of the same specifications.

There are various flexible payment plans for purchasing an under-construction property, which include construction linked plan, time linked plan or down payment plan. You can choose the best plan according to your affordability.Whereas, in ready-to-move-in property, there is no flexibility in payment options and you need to pay the whole amount at one go, including down payment, registration charges, stamp duty, etc. Plus there is a lot of legal work and documentation related to property transfer and ownership.

The way you design your home is completely in your hands. You can have the interiors of your choice. You can have everything that is of your preference.But, if you invest in ready-to-move-in property, there is very little scope of modifications that can be made. It will cost you more money to completely renovate a second hand flat.

Maintenance is one of the major issues in ready-to-move-in homes. If the property was vacant for a long period or if the earlier owner was not particular about regular maintenance, it would require a lot of effort and money to make it fit for habitation.
All the points discussed above may vary in every individual case. The points mentioned are on a general basis. Depending on your current situation, you must decide which kind of property is best suitable to you. Both kinds of property have their own qualities. Your decision should be taken based on your requirements, affordability, your financial situation, the amount of time period you have in hand and how much risk you are ready to take. If you decide upon buying a new construction property like a villa or twin houses, MFortuneCity is here to help you take the first step to build your dream home.

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